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  • Bullitt BBX side panels kit
    Bullitt BBX side panels kit

    BULLITT BBX SIDE PANELS KITThe side panels and tarpaulin for your Bullitt. These panels can be chosen in the color of your bike.

    Package contents:

    - 2x side panel

    - 1x box cover

    - 1x rear wall

    - 1x set of connection materials…

    € 389,00
  • -9%

    Bullit Fahrer Bowl
    Bullit Fahrer Bowl

    BULLIT FAHRER BOWLThis handy Fahrer Bowl is a compact and practical bowl for the Bullitt, made of sturdy PVC with 2 handy handles

    Weight: 0.5kg
    Dimensions: 780 x 400 x 260mm

    € 109,00 € 99,00
  • Bullitt Foldable seat
    Bullitt Foldable seat

    BULLITT FOLDABLE SEATThe very nicely finished foldable and padded seat for the Bullitt. Suitable to carry 2 small children or 1 adult. The headrest can be folded down so that the cover sheet that comes with the BBX side panels can…

    € 269,00
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