QUESTION 1: What do you want to transport?

The family bikes: Family bikes are intended for people who are looking for a solution to their daily transport in and around the city, you can easily get along with it and you can transport a lot with it. They are called family bikes because you can easily transport one to sometimes four children (from small to large) but also to do all daily shopping with them. That's why they're not that popular for nothing either. It's a very good replacement for all those short rides for which you would otherwise use a car, for example. And in addition, it's also just fun! 
Safety and adaptability of the sessions to the growth of your child is very important in family-bikes. For example, growing a Maxi-Cosi attachment to a seat with seat belts (or both at once). All bicycles can also be electrically supported (from factory or, in the long run, to be built by us).
An outsider in the range is our  tandem bike. This means that you can't transport goods, but enjoy transporting your children; they may or may not kick in along themselves and you have a much more active experience with each other.

The dog bikes: these are specifically suitable for the transport of -yes- dogs. The design has made adjustments that make it easy for the dog to get in and out of the bin, without just jumping out. But you can also transport children and luggage.

The commercial bikes: these are aimed at the commercial transport of goods, especially emphasis is placed on the equality, speed and agility of the bike. This comes as to what you mainly transport: large volumes or heavy goods.
But also: you need to cool or work a lot with Euro-standard crates for loading in and out, you want sliding doors or a lid. Know that we can tailor every bin if that is desirable, because we specialize in that.
In addition, the volume of transport is easy to expand by connecting an motorised  trailer or not. We also offer many variants. A number of commercial bicycles can also be used very well for private use, such as the transport of children and daily groceries.

QUESTION 2: Do you want a 2-wheeler or a 3-wheeler?


Bent u ondernemer?

Voor elektrische bakfietsen van boven de 3000 Euro kan u maar liefst 36% investeringsaftrek krijgen!
Wij kunnen u in contact brengen met een adviseur die e.e.a. regelt (no cure no pay).
Klik op deze link dan gaat u naar de website: Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland


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